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Car Exhaust Whistle - Fake Roar Turbo Sound Maker

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Our Car Exhaust Whistle is made of high-quality aluminum and it's lightweight and durable.

After installing the whistle, the pressure blowing out of your exhaust will make your vehicle sounds like a turbo vehicle with Roar Turbo Sound or blow off valve! And it's so easy to install it!


Please make sure the tailpipe(Straight pipe) is big, fat and long enough to install the Turbo Sound Whistle.

S Fit for 1.0-1.6(car displacement) 32-43mm(tailpipe dia)
M Fit for 1.6-2.0(car displacement) 37-48mm(tailpipe dia)
L Fit for 2.0-2.4(car displacement) 44-55mm(tailpipe dia)
XL Fit for above 2.4(car displacement) 56-85mm(tailpipe dia)

Car Exhaust Whistle - Fake Roar Turbo Sound Maker
Car Exhaust Whistle - Fake Roar Turbo Sound Maker


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