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Upgrade Your Gardening/Camping Equipment With The #1 Multi-purpose Folding Shovel!
Are you sick and tired of carrying bulky inconvenient tools for your outdoor activities?

Meet The Ultimate Multi Purpose Folding Shovel & Save Yourself Space, Money & Effort!
Designed to cover the needs of any camping/ hiking enthusiast or gardener, this folding shovel comes in the most compact and lightweight, yet super functional design, performing a great number of different tasks.
With handles that fold twice and the storage pouch provided, this smart tool can definitely fit into your bag for convenient carriage while hiking, going to the beach, backpacking or camping.

Among other uses, this tool that combines shovel, ax, pick, bottle opener, and saw in one, is great for:

•Digging fire pits
•Digging trenches around your tent
•Opening holes in the sand for your umbrella
•Flattening a surface for a tent
•Shoveling snow away from your car/door/ pet’s house
•Dig holes in your flower/plant pot or in your garden
•Sawing off thin branches
•Cracking ice
•Mining, carving stones
•Digging the tires of your car out of snow or mud
•Opening beer bottles

Note also that this is a must have tool for boy scouts, girl scouts, survivalists, hunters, hikers, fishers and adventurers.


Total unfold length: approx. 18.9" 
Folding length: approx. 6.89" 
Width: approx. 4.33" 
Weight: approx. 21oz

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