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Automatic Lid Sensor Trash Garbage Can - Metal Smart Bin

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An automatic opening and closing lid control system of this Garbage Can consists of a microcomputer control chip, an infrared detection device, a mechanical transmission device. It is a high-tech new product integrating mechanical, optical, and electrical technologies. This Smart Bin has reliable performance, long service life, low power, and other advantages. Clean and sanitary, anti-fall and safe.

Cover Material: ABS Plastic
Barrel Body Material: Stainless steel
Press Ring: ABS Plastic
Capacity: 3L or 4L
Opening and closing methods: Inductive
Power: 4*AA battery (not included)

Size: 0.8gal: 7.1x4.1x11.4in; 1gal: 7.1x4.1x13.4in

Packaged included:

1 x Intelligent Sensing Waste Bint

1. Open the battery cover at the bottom of the sensor bin and insert 4*AA battery according to the positive and negative signs.
2. Turn on the power switch at the rear of the Garbage Can. The red indicator light is on (approx 3 seconds). After that, the indicator blinks once every 3 seconds, indicating that the Trash Can is in a working state.
3. When throwing garbage, just place the object or hand near the top of the sensing window (vertical direction) at a distance of approx 8in. After approx 0.5 seconds, the lid will open automatically. After 3 seconds, the lid will close again. If the hand or object does not leave the sensing area, the lid will remain open.
4. After the bin is full, you can remove the entire top lid and remove the inner tank to empty the trash.
5. The indicator light is green when the cover is opened. The red light is displayed when the cover is closed. The green flashing signal is displayed after the cover is manually opened (flashes every 3 seconds).

6. When the battery is running out, the indicator light shows a yellow flashing signal (flashes once every 3 seconds). If you open and close the bin 20 times a day, the battery can last for approx 6 months.

Automatic Lid Sensor Trash Garbage Can - Metal Smart Bin

Automatic Lid Sensor Trash Garbage Can - Metal Smart Bin

Automatic Lid Sensor Trash Garbage Can - Metal Smart Bin

Automatic Lid Sensor Trash Garbage Can - Metal Smart Bin


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